The Ten Series Philosophy

Rolfing has a reputation of creating changes that hold. This is greatly due to the "whole body" process known as the Ten-Series.  Rolfers are not looking for a change that will last 24 hours,  but for a long lasting shift.  For a shift like that to hold, it may require a person’s whole body to change.  

The series is roadmap that journeys through the body, adjusting posture in a way that the body can integrate without backtracking.  The sessions build on each other, laying a foundation of support for areas that are more challenging to balance.    Everyone’s series follows a general set of guidelines, which are then customized to each person’s unique needs.   If you are plagued with chronic hip pain, we might touch in on that area for a bit every session.  If there is an emotional component to your physical needs, that may be an important part of our sessions.  If you are an active person, we may have a very participatory movement filled session. 

The 10-series is about getting familiar with yourself and with parts of you that you never knew were there.