Finding Support for Chronic Neck Pain

One woman's experience:

I have lived with many aches and pains throughout most of my life, but the “bulging disc” issues in my neck and hip misalignment have caused chronic pain for many years. I have tried everything, including shots, physical therapy, massage and individual Rolfing sessions in the past. I would get relief for a day or 2, but never anything lasting. 

I felt very comfortable with Leah from the beginning. She was very professional, always taking time to ask about progress and how I felt, and then making sure we worked on any areas that needed extra attention. She was serious about what she was doing, yet the mood was still light. Leah provided encouragement and if I didn’t quite get what she wanted me to do, she would place her hands or show me. I feel that because we were comfortable with each other, we were able to get the most out of each session.

I was really excited about the opportunity to participate in the 10-series because I knew that of all treatments, the individual Rolfing sessions had helped me the most. I hoped that by completing a full 10 series, I would finally get relief that would last a bit longer.

After completing the 10 series with Leah, I know it is something I would recommend to anyone. It really does work so much better than anything I have ever tried and is continuing to make a difference in my life, even 3 weeks after I completed my sessions.

I am so grateful that I was paired with Leah for my 10 series Rolfing journey.  It was so obvious that she was totally committed what she could do to help me through what she had learned. Leah is very strong and it was evident that she really cared about helping me. I really appreciated that she wasn’t afraid to ask questions or get input when she ran across an issue she wasn’t quite sure of. It was reassuring to know that she was really committed to doing everything right and I was getting the most out of each session.

After each Rolfing session, I feel better, not only physically, but Leah was able to reach into my emotional being as well.  I completed my series 10 on May 7th, and although I still have neck pain from my bulging discs, I feel better. The biggest difference I feel is in the way I carry myself, and emotionally, I am feeling much calmer. My feet (and whole body) are more grounded, my hips aligned and shoulders squared.  I am not using my Shiatsu massager every day like I felt I needed to prior to the Rolfing sessions. I feel lighter, more relaxed and “open.”

I know that Leah will only get better with time and I would strongly recommend her to anyone.


Linda McCartney

May 2014